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People learning and training with LEAN KATA methodology enables companies to improve process efficiency and profitability.


Are people in your organization prepared and trained

to change and improve the processes of your company?

LEAN KATA is the methodology that allows to create in people new habits of process improvement and consequently they are able to transform the future of a company.

But to do so we must generate new habits through LEAN KATA advanced training.

The theoretical training is just knowledge, but it is forgotten if it is not practiced. Therefore, LeanKata puts the focus on real practice creating new habits and routines in people, so that continuous improvement becomes part of their daily tasks.

LEAN KATA methodology learning requires real practice in processes and coaching or trainer guidance in order to help people to improve their routines of improvement and get their long-term goals.


New habits

LEAN KATA methodology and gamification allow people to create new habits for process improvement.

Real practice

The use of digital gamification makes possible to carry out real practices in processes, applying Lean tools and developing Kata Improvement routines.


Training and coaching courses can be adapted to the needs of each company, depending on their long-term goals and needs of people.


Digital gamification enables cost savings compared to other methods of less advanced practical training.

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