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Coaching Kata or training to practice Lean TOYOTA KATA methodology

After conducted training in LEAN KATA methodology for learning techniques of improvement (Improvement Kata), it is essential that people who want to start the journey in LEAN KATA implementation in its company, begin their development and personal training, practicing the improvement of its business processes under the guidance of a trainer or Coach (Coaching Kata).

This step is key for the success of these professionals that will carry out the implementation of the LEAN KATA within its company and for learning how to move forward, getting tangible results in process improvement. These individuals will be responsible for training LEAN KATA methodology to other members of its company.

Leaders Coaching Kata training, must ensure the LEAN KATA methodology deployment throughout the organization.
Coaching Kata services

LeanKata offers personalized Coaching Kata for training of people who are to lead the implementation of LEAN KATA methodology in your company, working on the real processes of your company.

Coaching Kata process

LeanKata helps the people’s development within an organization, training coaches in Coaching Kata so that they can in turn train and develop others in the company. This process takes place gradually through:

  • Individual Coaching Kata sessions.
  • Training in real processes.
  • Creating improvement habits.
  • Results monitoring.
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