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Lean TOYOTA KATA initiation course

The goal of this course is to teach participants the fundamentals and basic ideas of Lean main tools and Improvement Kata techniques.

The course is developed on its theoretical and practical contents through digital gamification using the Lean Kata Trainer® videogame.

The course is addressed to Managers, Heads of Area or Department responsible for dependent persons in the organization who need to participate in Lean improvement teams using the LEAN KATA methodology.

LeanKata puts the focus on real practice generating in people new habits and routines, so that continuous improvement is part of their daily tasks.

The Escuela LEAN KATA School is the first school for the specific training of the LEAN KATA methodology in Spain.

The Escuela LEAN KATA has been created in collaboration with the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid, in whose classrooms the courses are developed, and supported by the consultant ASTI Consulting that provides the knowledge and experience for the transformation of the processes in companies.

The school’s objective is to promote training in Lean Kata to contribute to the transformation of corporate culture, becoming the national reference among TOYOTA KATA practitioners.

With the training modules included in the Escueka LEAN KATA, students will be able to practice the principles and tools of LEAN; and all in an effective and entertaining way. All the formations are developed around the concept of gamification, with the particularity of incorporating the learning of the TOYOTA KATA.

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